Should You Cover the DC Input While Charging Your EV in Rainy Conditions?

Wondering if you can charge your EV in a downpour? Fear not! Drive into our no-nonsense article where we debunk fears, explain the tech, and reassure you that your EV is ready to power up come rain, hail, or shine.

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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Have you ever wondered if you need to cover the DC input while charging your EV in wet weather?

 The idea of mixing electricity with water can be a bit nerve-wracking. After all, haven’t we always been told to keep our electronics away from the wet stuff?

 So, you might be wondering, “Should I cover the DC input while charging my electric ride in the rain?”

But here’s the lowdown: EVs aren’t designed by amateurs who can’t tell a resistor from a relay. These things are built tough, like that old-school Nokia phone tough. And that includes the charging system.

The Deal with Waterproofing and IP Ratings

Your EV’s DC input isn’t some delicate flower that wilts at the first sign of rain. No, it’s a huge beast with an IP54 rating. 

What’s that mean? In layman’s terms, it’s dust-resistant and can handle water splashing around. 

So, unless you’re trying to charge your EV in a swimming pool (please don’t), you really don’t need to worry about covering the charging port in the rain.

Extra Protection? Why Not!

For the folks who park their EVs outdoors and have to charge under the stars, you might want a little something extra to keep your charging system spick and span. 

While not necessary, a charging cover can be useful if you’re still hesitant to get your charging port wet. 

Think of them like a raincoat for your charger – keeping the muck and debris out, just like a cover for your smartphone charger.

You can grab a cover off Amazon here, or Ali Express here

Beware: A Charging Cover Could Make Things Worse 

Now, if you’re living somewhere that sees more rainfall than a rainforest, like some parts of Australia, using a cover might be a double-edged sword. 

It could trap moisture and cause corrosion. In those cases, give your DC input a good drying after a wet week and spritz it with some contact cleaner.

To Wrap Things Up… 

So, all in all, charging your EV in the rain is no biggie.

 Thanks to all the clever engineering, waterproof features, and built-in safety measures, your ride is ready to power up, rain or shine. 

Relax, plug in, and let it do its thing!

Should You Cover the DC Input While Charging Your EV in Rainy Conditions?
Should You Cover the DC Input While Charging Your EV in Rainy Conditions?