Fridge Options for Your Tesla Model Y

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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There are plenty of perks to owning a Tesla, and having the option to integrate a fridge into the Model Y trunk is definitely one of them. We’re particularly keen on the ACOPOWER fridge, My Tesla Accessories fridge, and EVsHome fridge, each for their own reasons. In this piece, we’ll take a closer look at these three Tesla Model Y fridges, and also share some tips on how to select the right fridge for your Tesla. It’s all about matching your needs and enhancing your driving experience, so let’s get into it and find the Tesla Model Y fridge that’s perfect for you.

Top Tesla Model Y Fridges Compared

BrandFridge Size (L)Fridge Size (Dimensions)FeaturesCost 
ACOPOWER35 L457 (W) x779 mm (L) x363 mm (H)Temperature range from -20°C to 10°CHigh-quality cooling compressor cools items in just 30 minutesHollow design around the fridge for effective heat dissipationSmart App Control via Bluetooth for easy temperature adjustments Operates 24 hours with low energy consumptionBudget
My Tesla Accessories 35 L457 mm (W) x 680 mm (L) x 363 mm (H)Lightweight and energy-efficient, minimising battery drainDesigned to fit the tailgate’s underfloor cargo spaceQuick 2-minute installation with no additional wiring neededPlugs into the accessory power socket in the left side passenger boot areaUtilises the trunk’s lighter socket for powerMid-Tier
EVsHome15 L410 mm (W) x 610 mm (L) x 310 mm (H)High-efficiency compressor with under-voltage protection24/7 uninterrupted power supplyWhisper-quiet operation at 28dB with air-cooling technologyDual-zone design for freezing and refrigerationDurable construction, suitable for camping and outdoor activitiesPremium
(ACOPOWER) tesfridge
evshome tesfridge
car refrigerator for tesla model y
(My Tesla Accessories) 

Tesla Model Y Fridges In Pics

Here are some pictures from Tesla owners in the Tesla Model Y Australia Facebook page showing what a fridge looks like in the Tesla Model Y trunk!

Boot Space: Model Y vs. Model 3

When considering adding a fridge to your Tesla, the first question often revolves around space – specifically, whether the Tesla Model Y offers more, less, or the same amount of boot space for a fridge as the Model 3. 

Both models are renowned for their ample and innovative storage, but overall, the Model Y comes out on top. The Model Y, with its SUV design, provides a slightly larger and more versatile boot space compared to the Model 3. This means the Model Y might just offer that extra bit of room needed for a fridge to fit. 

AreaModel Y (5 seater) Model 3
Front Trunk117 L88 L
Rear Trunk (Seats Up) 854 L594 L

The New Model 3 “Highland”: Maintaining the Boot Legacy?

With the rollout of the updated Model 3, known as “Highland”, many have wondered if it keeps the recessed boot space. The answer is yes, the Highland version keeps this feature, with its design (similar to a sedan with a lift-up hatch) smartly using space to give drivers the same 594L of rear trunk space to work with.

Use-Case Scenarios for Your Tesla Model Y Fridge 

The convenience of having a fridge in your Tesla can’t be matched. Here are some of the ways Tesla owners are using trunk fridges: 

  • Taking time getting home from the grocery store without worrying about chilled items spoiling on the way home.
  • Enjoying cold drinks/food without needing to stop for ice during your travels.
  • Keeping snacks and drinks cold during beach trips/picnic/camping trips 
  • Keeping important medications at the right temperature while travelling. 
  • Maintaining the coolness of items during unexpected power outages.
  • Keeping snacks separate from other belongings in the car.
  • Saying goodbye to water leakage from melted ice in your vehicle’s backseat.

Free “Fridge” Options

Not looking to buy a Tesla Model Y fridge just yet? There are some “free” options you can try, like:

  • Cooler bags (soft material) 
  • Esky boxes (hard material)
  • DIY insulated containers (containers lined with ice packs)

In terms of size, you have roughly 457 mm (W) x 680 mm (L) x 363 mm (H) to play with! 

Tesla Model Y Fridge Buying Guide 

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect fridge to fit your Tesla, here are some buying considerations:

  1. Size: When choosing a fridge, keep in mind that it should fit comfortably in your Tesla’s trunk. Look for one with dimensions around 457 mm (width) x 680 mm (length) x 363 mm (height).
  2. Ease of Handling: You’ll want a fridge that’s easy to move in and out of your Tesla, just in case you need to take it out at any point.
  3. Energy Efficiency: Make sure the fridge you choose won’t drain your Tesla’s battery too quickly. This way, you can keep your drinks cool without worrying about losing range.
  4. Temperature Control: Look for a fridge that lets you control the temperature easily, so your snacks and drinks stay just the way you like them.
  5. Build Quality: It’s important to pick a fridge that’s well-made and sturdy enough to handle bumps and vibrations during travel. This ensures it lasts a long time and performs reliably.
  6. Noise Level: Consider how much noise the fridge makes, especially if you prefer a quieter driving experience. Choose one with quiet operation for a more peaceful ride.
  7. Extra Features: Explore fridges with cool extras like USB ports or adjustable shelves, which can make your trips even more convenient.
  8. Brand Reputation: Take some time to research the brand and read reviews from other Tesla owners. This helps ensure you’re happy with your purchase and get a quality product.
  9. Warranty Coverage: Check if the fridge comes with a warranty and reliable customer support. It’s good to have peace of mind knowing you’re covered if anything goes wrong later on.

What About Tesla Model Y “Frunk” Fridges?

While the idea of a front trunk (or “frunk”) fridge might sound appealing, it remains largely unexplored territory for a couple of reasons. Primarily, the lack of power access in the frunk area makes it impractical for conventional fridges. Additionally, the frunk is often smaller and not designed to accommodate bulky items, making the boot a more feasible location for your cooling needs.

Another main issue is that the frunk doesn’t have good airflow. Fridges need air moving around them to get rid of the heat they produce. In the back of the car, there’s more air moving around, which helps keep the fridge working properly. But in the frunk, the air doesn’t move much, gets warm, and makes it hard for the fridge to cool down. This means the fridge has to work harder to keep things cold, which can wear it out faster.

Tip: If you really want to use the frunk for keeping items cool, your best option would be cooler bags or an esky.

If you really want to use the frunk for keeping items cool, your best option would be cooler bags or an esky.
Caption: A cooler bag like this could work well in your Tesla Model Y frunk.

Wrapping it Up

Whether it’s for convenience, lifestyle, or just the sheer cool factor, adding a fridge to your Tesla Model Y can enhance your driving experience in many ways. By following our advice above, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying cold drinks and fresh snacks, wherever your Tesla takes you.

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