Model Y/3 Hard Wired Speedometer Hack (Line of Sight View)

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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Facebook user Andy W has figured out a neat and seamless solution for a speedometer at the driver’s line of sight that can be installed in the Y/3 model in just 20 minutes. This hack also doubles as a battery level indicator when the car is parked.

Using a hidden HUD (Head-Up Display) Unit, and wiring it through the OBD2 Port under the rear AC vents, you can create a speedometer at your line of sight. While some Tesla owners are happy with the centre screen speedometer, some prefer a speedometer that is easy to read without losing peripheral vision of the road. 

As it is a dash mount, you lose roughly 8cm of vent by installing this unit. Drivers may notice the air flow where the unit is may be compromised, but should still get air blasting towards you or on your face in general. Any dash modification on a Y/3 model will have an affect on the air ventilation. 

A commenter on the thread pointed out that any modification or connection to the diagnostic port may void a Tesla’s warranty or affect insurance in the event of an accident, however it is unclear if this modification would void the warranty. 

Most commenters on the thread found the hack to be useful, especially at the price point. One questioned whether the display brightness at night could be dimmed, with the original poster confirming there is a light sensor on the unit that brightens and dims the display depending on the ambient light level. 

Where to Buy the Unit

You can buy the Futhope Hidden HUD Head-up Display for Tesla Model 3 Y 2018-2022 Speed Indication Electronics Digital Car GPS LED Safe Driving unit from AliExpress. It retails for $115.89m but you can often buy it cheaper with online sales.