The 8 Best Tesla Model Y Accessories in Australia (& Where to Buy Them)

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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So you’ve got your new Tesla and wondering what kind of epic accessories to add. Well, the good news is there are plenty of wonderful (and sometimes downright weird) accessories available for your Tesla Model Y.

There are two types of accessories in our books: the optional upgrades for extra comfort and added coolness, and then the essential accessories. Tesla strangely excludes many accessories which you’d think would naturally be included in the car… don’t ask us why.

To save you the trouble, we’ve found the best 8 Tesla Model Y accessories in Australia to add to your ride in 2023.

Best Tesla Model Y Accessories in Australia

1. All Weather Floor and Cargo Mats – $314.16
Source: Amazon

Floor and cargo mats bear the brunt of a lot of spills, stains, mud and dirt. They can be a hassle to keep clean too. Enter all weather floor and cargo mats, which are all the rage among Tesla Y owners, especially the 3D kind. 3D MAXpider floor mats and cargo liners
(frunk and trunk) are synonymous with being the best floor mats among the Tesla community with its unique triple-layer design that not only provides maximum all-weather protection but also looks amazing and provides comfort.

The deep grooves move and trap water effectively, while the raised side walls provide edge-to-edge protection and prevent liquid from leaking onto the carpet. Meanwhile, the skid-resistant texture helps to keep the groceries and accessories secure in the storage trunk without sliding around. Most of all, it’s super easy to clean these mats. Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth, or remove them from your car, hose off and make your cargo liners new again.

2. Mud Flaps – $62.55
Source: Amazon

If your Tesla Y didn’t come with mudflaps, these are an essential accessory to add to your EV. Mud flaps have a range of benefits, but most importantly they help reduce paint damage from rocks kicking up from the tires.These Nansure mud flaps are cost-effective and easy to install as a DIY.

Made of sturdy ABS thermoplastic material, these mud flaps are durable and work well in any environment, protecting the lower portions of your Tesla from snow, salt, sand, rocks and other debris car wheels throw around.

3. Screen Protector – $35
Source: Amazon

When we buy a new phone, one of the first accessories most of us pick up is a screen protector, and it’s no different for you Tesla. The Tesla Multimedia screen is a high touchpoint in your EV, so it’s important to fit it with a screen protector as soon as possible.

This Innosure protector is scratch-resistant, shock-resistant, anti-oil, and anti-fingerprints with an oleophobic coating (finger smudge resistant coating). It’s easy to install, with automatic adsorption features when installed on the glass.

4. Centre Tray Hidden Storage – $18.88
Source: Amazon

Centre tray hidden storage doesn’t come better than with Basenor’s hidden centre console storage. The centre console below the car’s touchscreen is quite roomy, and if you really want to make use of all the space in there, it means stacking your things on top of each other, which is a hassle.

That’s why you need a hidden sliding console organiser, and the one from Basenor is certainly the best quality and most cost-effective. The organiser is felted black, matching the stock look and feel of the console area this slides into. This one fits the Model 3 as well as the Model Y.

5. Centre Console Organiser – $22.95

Known as the second row console organiser, Tesla owners use the centre console organiser for different things, whether it’s to chuck a pair of sunglasses or some cash, or even a place to dump rubbish and things that need tossing.

Because most of the Tesla Y is covered in a black felt type material that’s hard to clean if food or other liquids get stuck to it, having a silicone centre console organiser is the best way to dump items and not have to worry about mess, with the silicone very easy to clean. And, at just $22.95, there’s no better way to organise your centre console.

6. Glovebox and Frunk Storage Hooks – $25.00
Source: Teslamodelaccessories

Don’t want to put your bag on the dirty car floor? Bring some glovebox and frunk storage hooks into your life. These glovebox hooks securely attach to the glovebox and are a convenient way to hang your shopping, handbag, or even your keys.

Made with a high-grade resin material and simple and elegant design, these hooks take up zero space and have plenty of convenient uses. These glovebox hooks are strong and durable and easy to install – no drilling or sticking required – just insert them straight into the glovebox.

7. Boot Organisers – $99.95
Source: Catch

Boot organisers are not essential accessories, but they definitely make life inside your Tesla Model Y a lot more pleasant. These two bucket storage compartments go on both sides of the trunk for widespread storage in your boot. Made from TPE, or thermoplastic elastomers, it can feel a little rubbery but they grip really well and also wash off easily.

Some Tesla owners suggest installing the organisers can be a little tricky and it takes some time to figure out the left and right units because you need to install them in a very specific way so it fits properly. They need to be slid in towards the outside of the car and then pushed down.

8. Centre Screen Swivel Mod – $195
Source: Tessories

A common grip amongst Tesla Model Y owners is how far you have to tilt your head to view
driving information like maps, speed and any necessary periphery information that you’d expect in the behind-the-wheel instrumental cluster. This very handy screen swivel kit allows you to move the screen and tilt it in your direction.

Durable, high-quality and light weight, this mode is factory-matched to the trim panels for a clean look. After installation, the screen sits around 3.5cm lower and closer to you.

9. In-Built Chest Fridge – $946
in-built chest fridge

Looking for a drop-in refrigerator designed to fit directly into the cargo side pocket inside the liftgate of a Model Y vehicle without the need for any wiring? Well, here it is! It can be easily installed in just 10 minutes and connected directly to the accessory power socket. It has a low energy consumption of only 0.5 kWh per day and is capable of keeping beverages as cold as -1.6 degrees.

This refrigerator is perfect for road trips picnicking or any other driving adventure with a Model Y. It keeps your drinks and food cold, and has a storage capacity of up to 18 bottles of water and cans.