In Pictures: OEM and Manganese Steel Skid Drivetrain Plates for Model Y/3

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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Bryden E on Facebook has found a simple solution to his Tesla’s deteriorating bottom protector felt pad plate guard OED. He fixed the problem using a fitted manganese steel front drivetrain guard plate, which he said was a simple install and is confident it will last the life of his Tesla.

A community member commented on the post and said the metal guard plate was a good choice, and will protect the leading edge connections and battery pack much better than the soft felt pad OEM.

Made to protect the battery from impact damage from road debris, the bottom protector guard plate is an essential part of the Y/3 model. It’s suspected from Tesla owners that perhaps Tesla overlooked the issue of the soft plate deteriorating, or instead wanted to prioritise reducing road noise and didn’t anticipate the panel deteriorating.

The biggest issue with the plate was how it would flap while driving on highways and reduce range. To fix the plate, Tesla quoted $260 for an OEM replacement, citing it was not a fault that could be claimed under warranty as it was worn by natural use.

Instead of replacing the guard plate with the same material which would likely have the same problems down the line, a steel plate replacement was used instead, which delivered internationally all up cost $240.

Where to Order?

You can order the steel plate directly from the supplier on AliExpress for roughly $240, with shipping being the most costly part of the whole thing. The plate itself retailed at $66.20 – $99.89 (after 25% off), with shipping to Australia costing $154.66.

See Bryden’s order here.