How to Get Through-Type Running Water Taillights For Your Model 3/Y

Jesus Sisco
Jesus Sisco
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Source: evhimi

Ellison Z on the Tesla Model Y Accessories Facebook group has revealed his new through-type running water tailights on his Tesla Model Y. 

The through-type tail lights is a unique product for Model 3/Y and is inspired by a number of existing designs, including the Porsche Panamera first ever sequential turn signals. 

Source: evhimi

The sequential indicators and animated brake lights kit gives you a unique upgrade to your OEM tail lights. The big and brash LEDs make the rear of your Model 3/Y aggressive and stand out from the crowd. The upgrade enhances the functionality of your tail lights to provide styling and features never before seen on a Model 3/Y.

Currently selling for $799.00 (RRP: $999.00), the through-type running water tail lights wire and slot into place of the existing rear tail light. 

Source: evhimi

The breaks stay lit up when the car is on, and animates on brake and turn signal operation. 

They are simple to install, with no special changes required. All you have to do is plug in and it is ready to go. 

Users in the Facebook group were eager to find out where to find these tail lights, although some commenters were surprised at the cost.

Order the Tesla ModelY/3 Through-type running water taillights here.